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Mice are the most common rodent pest in almost all parts of the world. They can reproduce quickly and adapt very quickly to changing conditions. Actually, a female house mouse can give birth to a six babies every three weeks, and can produce as much as 35 young annually.


The house mouse would prefer to consume seeds and bugs, however will consume many kinds of food. They are excellent climbers and can jump up to a foot high. They are colorblind and can not see clearly beyond 6 inches.


The house mouse inhabits buildings, however can stay alive outdoors, as well. It prefers to nest in dark, secluded locations and commonly build nests out of paper items, cotton, packing materials, wall insulation and fabrics.

Mice build long complex burrows in the wild. These normally have long entries and are outfitted with escape tunnels or routes. In at the very least one species, the building layout of a burrow is a hereditary trait.

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Mice can likewise bring fleas, mites, ticks and lice inside your home. Rodent invasions in the home can have a far-reaching effect on health. Rodent feces can spread germs and trigger allergies. Micro droplets of mouse urine can cause allergic reactions in youngsters.


To keep mice and other rodents out of your home:

  • Make certain all openings of bigger diameter than a pencil are sealed.
  • Keep areas clear and store boxes off of the floor since mice can hide in clutter.
  • Do not neglect proper drainage at the foundation and always install gutters or diverts which will transport water away from the property to avoid optimal conditions in which house mice can nest.
  • Routinely inspect the home for signs of mice including droppings, gnaw marks and damaged food goods.

Do not let mice roam through your property for extended periods because they can create some major damages. Consult our mouse exterminator professional service to set up a free estimate.

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