Rodents The Unwelcome Invaders

Where does all of our social isolating leave those urban-dwelling rodents who depend on our food rubbish for food? Secondarily, and possibly even more distressing, where will those survivalists turn to when their demand for food ends up being dire?

Roughly 40% of all mammal species are rodents (2,277 species); they are discovered in vast numbers on all continents except Antarctica. They are the most diversified mammalian order and live in a variety of terrestrial environments, including human-made settings.

Now is the time to take a close look at how tight the framework of your house is, and how careful you’re being about food waste.

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One of the most vulnerable places in a house are doors that might be wearing down or don’t fit well into their frames, allowing the space necessary for rodents like rats and mice to nibble holes which will enable them to enter your house. They will go through nearly any type of opening where they can reach the food they’re smelling and try to move right into your house. They are starving! Rats, for instance, reproduce at an incredible rate, mating around 20 times in 6 hrs and producing four to 7 litters of 10 rats every year. That’s as many as 70 little rats who, sadly grow to be huge, hungry rats who make even more little rats.

Look around. Remove stray trash bins, dumpster bags or anything that’s mosting likely to attract pests. Rodents are really smart and skilled critters. To repeat, you want to make sure your doors fit tightly at the threshold and that there’s no opening that will enable desperate rodents into your house.

If you have any one of indicators of rodents in or around your house or company contact a professional rodent pest control specialist.

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