Indications You Have Mice inside Your Walls

Nobody likes coping with mice in their homes. They can cause property damage, bring germs and bacteria into the home, and overall create an undesirable environment. It’s not always clear that the rodent you are dealing with is, indeed, a mouse. If you are wanting to validate your suspicions, then take a look at this outline of some of the most frequent signs that your home has mice. Expert rodent pest control experts mention these as the telltale signs of mice in the home.

Mice Droppings

One of the most surefire signs, according to rodent pest control experts, that what you are coping with is mice in your house is mouse droppings. If you are seeing droppings in areas that you are also hearing sounds and seeing disturbances, then the possibilities are that you have mice. Mice droppings are very small and oval-shaped. Generally, these can be seen in storage rooms, cupboards, and other dark, small areas.

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Scurrying & Scratching Noises

If you’ve been laying in bed at night and hearing sounds in your walls and maybe in your ceiling, it’s a pretty good bet that you have mice in the walls. While it might hold true that mice are tough to hear throughout the regular hustle and bustle of the day’s activities, they can be easy to hear in the evening if they are active. You could hear them scurrying and scratching as they work their way through the wall.

Tunneling Activity

Mice are very small creatures that can fit through the tiniest of openings. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to create their own pathway every now and then. Mice are commonly known for tunneling their way through your walls, wood, flooring, and any other hurdle that they want to make it through. They are quite good at this, and if you have mice you might observe little openings that they have scratched and chewed through.

Excess Food Crumbs

One thing that mice are rather good at is locating food. And generally, they are not very sneaky about it. Mice don’t care much for covering their tracks, so it’s kind of easy to know when they are raiding your cupboards. You might notice a path of crumbs leading away from the food source that they are getting at. If you see trails of crumbs in your cupboard and openings in your bags of food, it’s very likely a mouse that’s been swiping your hard-earned groceries.

Holes in Cloths

As we mentioned earlier, mice are excellent at creating tunnels, holes, and nibbling through manufactured material. That also includes clothes. If you’ve been seeing holes in your clothes at the back of your wardrobe or near the floor, it can mean that you have mice running around in your walls and in your closet. This can additionally happen for clothing that is inside your dresser. Mice are rather fond of nibbling their way through clothing, so it’s a pretty clear indication that you have mice in the walls and in your house.

Call A Professional Rodent Exterminator
If you think that you have mice in your walls, then you will certainly want to act asap. Mice create an unclean living environment and can bring many undesirable aspects to your home. If you want to reclaim your home and remove the mice in your walls, then you want to call a professional rodent exterminator that can perform the removal safely, efficiently, and affordably.

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