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They might be cute, or they might be big and unsightly, but their relentless need to chew is not helping your house. Rodents can do serious damage to your woodwork, wallboard, insulation and siding. The mess they leave behind in your kitchen area pantry is aggravating, sure, and with the prices of food increasing you can’t afford to fork out for your furry buddies’ meals in addition to your own.

Address the rodent problem as quickly as you discover indicators of their existance – don’t wait until you find yourself jumping onto a chair to keep away from that rat racing across the kitchen. By this point, you’ll be waging a war rather than just defending your borders.

If you have actually discovered the existence of critters early enough, you may be able to utilize non-lethal force. It may be a matter of blocking their entryways and motivating them to go somewhere else. Fill any holes they might be getting in through and caulk cracks. Screens and steel wool (which can’t be chewed through) are excellent deterrents.

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Eco-Friendly Options

If you have kids or pets you may want to try natural rodent repellents. Some individuals suggest putting cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil close to openings and in areas rodents frequent. Others swear by keeping little bowls of black pepper close to food areas. Small bunches of mint and/or lavender may be another way to prevent the little (or bigger) critters. Another remedy is an odor based repellent – these utilize the odor of predatory animals to scare rodents off.

Be mindful that rodents spread disease, which you may want to think about before you go ferrying them around town. A lot of rodents have poor vision and keep close to the walls, only venturing into open spaces when needed so set your traps along the walls and behind furnishings.

For others who wish to keep their hands clean, or who have a persisting rodent problem, getting a feline can be an excellent service. Keep in mind, not all felines are born mousers and you may inevitably need to step up your game. Depending on where you live, you may want to reinforce the perimeter of the property by building nest boxes to attract natural predators like barn owls.

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Using Stronger Rat Extermination Approaches

When all else fails (or if you don’t have the perseverance to wait that long), it’s time to turn to poison. The nature of rodents suggests that they will consume a little, wait and if they don’t get sick, come back for another meal. Prior to using a poison, you may want to leave out non-poisonous food for a few days, so that the rodents learn to trust the food source prior to adding poison.

There are lots of reasons you may not prefer to utilize traditional anticoagulant poisons, the primary ones being that the poison can cause toxicity in kids and other animals. Unintended death is a possible result depending on the type of poison and how quickly the patient is treated – be sure to keep the poison out of reach of children and pets. Some animals can get secondary poisoning by eating the poisoned rodent, which can occur when the toxic rodent goes outside to perish. If you have other pets and kids you need to be careful that they aren’t in contact with the bait or the deceased animal.

When you have at last won the battle, make an effort to avoid round two: make an effort to keep food stored in sealed containers and be aware of pet food, garden composts and other possible lures. Make use of bird feeders that recapture any excess seed, rather than permitting it to become snack food for unwanted pests. By eliminating the food incentive you can forgo inviting those rascally rodents for a return visit.

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