Tips On How To Know If You Have A Roach Problem?

If you think by keeping your house spick and span, you can stop a roach problem, you are wrong. It is not nearly enough to clean your kitchen of food residue to prevent cockroaches from coming in. Any area in your house that provides shelter and moisture will attract cockroaches. These bugs sneak in via gaps on the wall, dryer vents, little openings in between the wall and the flooring, which you would most likely not notice.

Now, if you see a roach all of a sudden, you might assume it is an independent, random sighting that has nothing to do with an infestation. You could be incorrect, and this could be the first indicator of a possible roach problem. Nip it in the bud. Contact a roach pest control immediately if you observe the following hints that indicate there’s a family of roaches living under your roof.

You may notice roach droppings

Roaches eat virtually anything and often leave droppings. If there is an infestation, you are very likely to see dark specs that look like black pepper on your kitchen flooring or bathroom. The feces of cockroaches depends upon their types. So, if you are on a regular basis observing weird brown spots or particles that look like coffee grounds, chances are you are seeing roach droppings. You are likely to discover these droppings behind cabinets, below sinks, in dark corners, near pipes, or inside your cupboard.

Egg Case Sighting

Egg cases of cockroaches, which are also referred to as oothecae, look like brown seeds. If you frequently see them lying around here and there, there is a roach problem. These cases have 12 to 14 eggs, which typically hatch in places where it is difficult for people to get to. Once the eggs hatch, the cases are left behind.

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Property Damage

Roaches eat virtually anything. If you see page edges of your books inside your shelf missing or chew marks on everyday items like natural leather and so on, the culprit may be cockroaches.

Dead Skin

Roaches shed their skin quite often. If there is an infestation, you would usually see roach skin lying around in your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or inside cabinets.


A single roach won’t produce any type of smell. If they exist in great numbers, their droppings create a horrible, musty odor. If you smell something unusual, search for the above indicators to identify a roach problem.


Do not ignore roach sightings and consider them to be independent occurrences. Specifically if you see a roach in the morning, the probabilities of an infestation are high.

The above are some tell-tale indicators of a roach problem in the house. If you observe them, call your local roach exterminator company and free your home sweet home of these problems.

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