Can You Eradicate German Cockroaches?

The German cockroach is very successful at building an ecological niche in structures and is durable in the face of many pest-control treatments. To be effective, control solutions must be thorough, continual, and methodical; survival of merely a few eggs is quite enough to reproduce a virtually exterminated pest population within a couple of generations, and recolonization from surrounding populations often is very rapid, too.

Why is the German cockroach so tough to manage?

  • Absence of natural predators in a human habitat
  • Prolific reproduction
  • Very short reproductive cycle
  • The capacity to hide in really small refuges
  • Sexual maturity obtained within numerous weeks
  • Adaptation and resistance to some chemical pesticides and baits
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Where do they like to take cover?

German cockroaches like cramped areas, and they are small compared to other pest species, so they can hide within small gaps and crevices that are easy to discount, therefore evading human beings and their removal efforts.

Adaptive selection

A type of German cockroaches has emerged that reacts to glucose as distastefully bitter. They refuse to eat sweetened baits, which presents a challenge to their control, considered that those baits are an economical and effective way of regulation.

  • German cockroaches can at first infest a structure when infested grocery bags are brought indoors. Check groceries for cockroaches prior to storing. Keep grocery bags in outside storage areas.
  • Cockroaches reproduce prolifically in corrugated cardboard boxes. Dispose of unnecessary boxes immediately.
  • Keep windows and doors shut.
  • Keep window and soffit screens in great repair to stop cockroaches from entering your home.
  • Check attic vents and make sure that large openings around outside drain lines and sewer vents are screened or sealed. Make use of tightly packed steel wool as a temporary filler till openings can be sealed correctly.
  • Caulk or otherwise seal crevices and openings around frames of windows and doors and around pipes and electrical to help stop cockroaches from entering your home.
  • Seal spaces in between door frames and doors with weather stripping.
  • Kids can carry cockroaches from school to home in book bags and lunch containers. Check these things regularly.
  • Dwellings such as apartment or condos that are separated by a common wall are especially difficult situations. An infestation can migrate in between apartment or condos via the pipes within a common wall. Cockroaches from one apartment can easily migrate to another apartment, infesting a “clean” dwelling. To help avoid this, caulk holes in common walls and around pipes.

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