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Facebook Twitter Understanding Mice – Pest Control Remedies Mice are the most common rodent pest in almost all parts of the world. They can reproduce quickly and adapt very quickly to changing conditions. Actually, a female house mouse can give birth to a six babies every three weeks, and can produce as much as 35 … Read more

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Facebook Twitter Rodents The Unwelcome Invaders Where does all of our social isolating leave those urban-dwelling rodents who depend on our food rubbish for food? Secondarily, and possibly even more distressing, where will those survivalists turn to when their demand for food ends up being dire? Roughly 40% of all mammal species are rodents (2,277 … Read more

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Facebook Twitter Rodent Proofing Your Home It’s that time of year where mice and rats are apt to enter our houses. Lets talk a bit about their senses and capabilities. Mice and rats can not see very good beyond 3 or 4 feet but have an excellent sense of movement as much as 30 to … Read more

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Facebook Twitter Eliminate Rodents – Once And For All They might be cute, or they might be big and unsightly, but their relentless need to chew is not helping your house. Rodents can do serious damage to your woodwork, wallboard, insulation and siding. The mess they leave behind in your kitchen area pantry is aggravating, … Read more

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Facebook Twitter Why Control Rodents In Your Home Rats that attempt to seek shelter usually enter your residence. Thanks to their small size and quick-witted nature, they can with no difficulty locate even the tiniest hole and enter via isolated areas of your residence, like attic or walls. With the rising population of the vast, … Read more

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Facebook Twitter How to Tell If You’ve Got a Rodent Problem Older homes are most vulnerable to rodents, however it’s possible for them to turn up in practically any area. There are typically big rodent populations in the city, however house owners generally rarely see them considering that their property managers will generally look after … Read more

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Facebook Twitter Indications You Have Mice inside Your Walls Nobody likes coping with mice in their homes. They can cause property damage, bring germs and bacteria into the home, and overall create an bad environment. Nevertheless, it’s not always clear that the rodent you are coping with is, in fact, a mouse. If you are … Read more

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Facebook Twitter Is That A Rat Or A Mouse And Why Should It Matter You’ve found all the indications and you’ve confirmed it– there’s a rodent in your house. Is it a rat or a mouse? Does it actually matter? Just how can you tell? There are considerable differences in rat vs mouse, it can … Read more