Bed Bug Invasion? How To Handle Bugs In Electronic Gadgets

Bed bugs are extremely adaptable and tough critters, making them tough to exterminate as soon as they get a foothold in your house. If you’ve ever dealt with a bed bug problem, then you’ll understand the pesky bugs like to hide in bed frames, bed mattresses, baseboards, cushions and clothing.

Given ample time, most of these hiding areas are reasonably easy to treat using sprays, powders, vacuum and hot steam (or a heated clothes dryer for clothing). Did you know that bed bugs can even crawl into your computer, television, hi-fi equipment, and other electronic gadgets? These appliances all offer bed bugs a comfy, warm, dark environment with minimal disturbance.

If bed bugs begin to reproduce inside your electrical device, then this can result in increased population of the insect inside the device. Eventually the effect of dead bugs, bed bug feces and molting skin will prevent the equipment from operating correctly, so it is necessary to eradicate them as swiftly as possible.

bed bug infestation

While it’s infrequent for electrical gadgets to harbor bed bugs, and it generally only occurs in the most severe problems, bed bugs are certainly flat and little enough to fit through the smallest of cracks or openings in electrical equipment. The electronic items most likely to hide the bugs are bedside radio alarm clocks, due to their close distance to the bed. Anything with nooks and crannies can harbor bed bugs, including smartphones, mice, keyboards, remote controls and cameras.

If the bugs do enter into your electrical equipment, then the job of exterminating them becomes a lot more challenging. Electrical power and water do not mix, so you certainly can’t launder or steam these gadgets. Chemical sprays and powders could rust the circuitry, and heat could cause plastic elements to melt.

Some gadgets might be dealt with utilizing a heater, but it’s always a precarious plan. A temperature of a minimum of 120 degrees needs to be used, for a minimum of 30 minutes to make sure all the bugs are wiped out. So before you try this, thoroughly review the manual, or contact the manufacturer for guidance, and get rid of any batteries or main power connections initially.

Regular treatment methods might still have some limited effect on bed bugs in electrical equipment, due to the fact that the bugs must leave the device to feed, at which point they could come into contact with residual powders and sprays in the general vicinity. However this is a hit-and-miss remedy, due to the fact that bed bugs can survive for a very long time without eating. And if you do not kill all the bed bugs, then they’re most likely to reappear later and re-infest your home.

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