Don't Let Bed Bugs Ruin Your Vacation Plans

Yup, you read that correctly … more bed bug information! As enjoyable as it is staying away from home, these locations can regretfully be a very accessible breeding ground for bed bugs.


The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has a terrific infographic that you can use to identify all the areas these little insects like to take cover. Making certain these places are clear of any bed bug evidence is a key factor in making sure none are around to bite you overnight, or hitch a ride home with you when you depart!

bed bug infestation and inspection

Like it points out above, bed bugs aren’t choosy when it comes to lodging. From sketchy motels to 5 star elegant hotels, these pests can be anywhere. All it takes is two bugs to kick off a full-blown infestation. Bed bugs can, and do, happen to anybody!

How Can I Check If My Hotel Has Ever Had Bed Bugs?

The good news is, modern technology and word of mouth work in our favor when it pertains to preventing bed bugs while taking a trip. Having bed bugs once doesn’t indicate it will happen once again, however it’s still really good to know if it was ever an issue. If a motel has continued to have problems with bed bugs, let’s just say they’re not very close with their local area pest specialists! Here are our preferred pointers for examining your lodging area before you head out:

Our 1st pointer is one of the most helpful sites for bed bug alerts for hotels, vacation rentals, homes and apartment buildings: The Bed Bug Registry. The Bed Bug Registry covers major cities in the US and Canada with reported sightings and comments from local residents and visitors. You can even look up larger city areas or neighborhoods to get a bigger picture of the location you’re going to. They even have mobile apps for iPhone and Android for online research on the go!

The evaluation system is very dependable and in-depth, so you’re sure to discover any bed bug alerts. One thing to make a note of is any bed bug problems that do not appear to have been taken care of over time. Nothing can mess up a vacation like discovering that room you booked didn’t actually take care of that bed bug problem someone grumbled about last year.

Last, but definitely not least is, naturally, human contact. If you can’t uncover anything online, there’s no problem whatsoever in calling the hotel, AirBnB, resort, leasing property or VRBO ahead of time and asking them flat out if they’ve had any issues. Any business or host worth your time and money is mosting likely to provide an honest (and ideally positive) answer that will allay your bed bug worries long before you even leave your house.

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